Monday, September 7, 2009

Spooked in Seattle's newest ghost tour: Pioneer Square

About twenty people joined Spooked in Seattle on Sat., Sept. 5 for one of its first Haunted Pioneer Square tours. The tours are led by members of Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma and include some of the more violent and gloomy tales of Seattle's history along with information about some of AGHOST's paranormal investigations. AGHOST has looked into a number of sightings in the area and picked up some EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). Listen to samples at

There were no ghosts seen, heard or felt on the tour, but it was a supernaturally beautiful stroll around Pioneer Square augmented by some spooky Seattle stories. Given Pioneer Square's history, with its colorful cast of gold miners, flophouse tenants, opium dealers/quack healers, seamstress-prostitutes and many other citizens living and dying on, in, and under the sunken streets, tales of disturbed spirits lurking in the area seem credible.

If you're into imagining weird tales, Spooked in Seattle, along with the Underground Tour, provide creative energy and some inspiring historical details. Should H.L. Yesler, who brought the first steam-powered sawmill to Seattle in October 30, 1852, be remembered at the inaugural Seattle Steamcon, Oct. 23-25?

Haunted Pioneer Square, a two-hour walking tour, costs about $15 (prices subject to change). Email or call 253.203.4383 for reservations. Tours are also offered on Capitol Hill and at the Seattle Pier.

Those interested in learning about ghost hunting can attend bi-monthly AGHOST meetings.

Upcoming: Join AGHOST to see and hear evidence collected from past investigations and talk about paranormal theories and ideas, 3 p.m., Sun., Sept. 20 at Marlene's Market in Federal Way, 2565 S. Gateway Center PL, Federal Way. Open to the public. Free.

Or read about how to conduct paranormal investigations in Ghostology 101: Becoming a Ghost Hunter and learn more about Seattle ghosts in the forthcoming book, Spooked in Seattle, both by AGHOST leaders Ross Allison and Joe Teeples.

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