Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New stories: Cat Rambo's solo collection out, Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight

Redmond author Cat Rambo's collection of fantasy stories, Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight (Paper Golem, 2009), is out. Stories range from high fantasy to urban to surrealist. The title story is based on Armageddon MUD, an online text-based fantasy game, of which Rambo is a co-creator.

Rambo is the editor of
Fantasy Magazine. Her stories have appeared in Asimov's, Weird Tales, and Strange Horizons. She's also a Clarion West Writer's Workshop alum.

Her previous story collection,
The Surgeon's Tale and Other Stories (2007), co-authored with Jeff VanderMeer, contains charming and elegant dark fantasy and humorous fairy tales. The title story, co-authored by Rambo and VanderMeer, creates a unique world in an oceanic setting as the backdrop for a Frankenstein's obsession (the mad scientist not the monster). In Rambo's "The Dead Girl's Wedding March," a zombie girl's defiance of her father in the City of the Dead leads to dire romance — with a rat. "The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Cafe," by M.F. Korn, D.F. Lewis, and Jeff VanderMeer is a full-course of must read for foodies and minions of Cthulhu from the Flaming Whole Giant Penguin to the Dripping Eidolon (dessert!).

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