Monday, June 1, 2009

Smashing soiree preps crowd for SteamCon

Will memories of the Seattle Steampunk Soiree May 22 at Heaven carry us through to SteamCon in October? A delightfully goggled, top-hatted and corseted crew arrived and made this a truly brass, beribboned and velvet event.

On stage Abney Park of Gig Harbor delivered all the sultry resonant promise of their albums plus the spectacle of The crowd turned into besotted airship pirates as the band hit favorites off of albums including Lost Horizons (2008), The Death of Tragedy (2005) and
From Dreams or Angels (2001). "Building Steam" may be our new favorite song, a strapping Captain Robert advised. Aye, aye! With a wind down like Herr Drosselmyer's Doll, Abney's set sated the soiree.

Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society (fabulous name, isn't it?) of Tacoma played their first show after working to release their album Clockwork Dreams. They got the soiree started with raging steampunking guitars (Abney Park alum Robert Hazelton later re-upped with the airship pirates to help
end the show).

Seattle's Legion Within played a romantic darkwave and classic industrial interlude. Songwriter and vocalist William Wilson rock starred the stage (presence galore) along with the polished band. Wilson
and percussionist Aaron Nicholes are also part of a Bauhaus tribute band, The Sky's Gone Out. Wilson has the voice. Hear for yourself: Legion Within opens for Peter Murphy Tues., June 2 at El Corazon.

Of course, the crowd at the steampunk soiree did wear more than just top hats, goggles and corsets (it wasn't quite that decadent). But after a trip through the vendors' room, you'll be forgiven if you think that's all the accoutrement required. Beauteous wares on display included top hats for ladies and gents, custom goggles and corsets, jewelry and spectacles made of antique watch parts, and Cthulu necklaces in Lego or silver.

For those who missed it, a few links from the soiree plus a few for good measure:

Abney Park fashion -
goggles, stripey t-shirts and leather corsets
Gothic Beagle - dog collars and leashes, and yes, meant for quadruped pets — stylish ones!
Lastwear - clothing for outlanders, steampunks, reality hackers, and temporal misfits

London Particulars - steampunk jewelry, fashion — on Twitter @SteampunkShoppe
Mac McGowan - handcrafted leather gear, props, and accessories
Velvet Mechanism - steampunk accessories
Gypsy Lady Hats - velvet, stripes, and laces!
Tatterdemalion Designs
- clothing for elegant ruffians
(these last links courtesy of Gothic Charm School)

Can't wait for SteamCon? Check out SepiaChord for music and more steamy summer events, or try one of these:

Crypticon, June 5-7, Seattle Center
Edward Gorey Garden Party at The Historic Overlook House, Sun., June 14, Portland
Legion Within, CD release party with God Module, Blicky, DJ Seraphim, 8 p.m., Sat., June 20, El Corazon, 109 Eastlake Ave. E, Seattle
Gothic Charm School book release party, 7:30 p.m., Tues., June 23, University Village Barnes & Noble, 2675 NE University Village St, Seattle
Portland Hallowe'en Bazaar, Sat., Oct 3, Portland

And don't forget, SteamCon, Oct. 23-25, Seattle.

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