Thursday, May 14, 2009

Creative fires: Music, comics, musi-comics

Whatever the morning news says, it is not the apocalypse as Northwest people continue to create stuff of interest to science affictionadoes.

Look for
Aether Shanties, a fourth album with 12 songs, out from steampunk band Abney Park this summer. This follows Lost Horizons: The Continuing Adventures of Abney Park released last year. Captain Robert says we can preview many of the new songs as performed at live shows on YouTube. Here's "My Life" and "Until the Day I Die." Abney Park performs Fri., May 22 at Heaven in Seattle (tickets here) and returns to the Northwest for Conflux-NW Dark Arts Festival Sept. 25 in Portland and Seattle Steamcon Oct. 23-25.

Writers Eric Singletary and Nate Murphy and artist Ryan Hobson released the first issue of their comic The Two Percent Solution and had the presence of mind to hand it over to Tony DiGerolamo at WonderCon in San Francisco. Tony gave it a mention in issue #150 of Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. In
The Two Percent Solution, two heroes set out from beneath the flaming Space Needle in a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest in search of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault (maybe we should all geocache this location — our real life doomsday solution). The comic may have a Y: The Last Man vibe (among the creators' favorites). It's for sale print-on-demand at IndyPlanet. Follow on Twitter @two_percent.

Donna Barr, Timothy Wagner and Aaron Paul Low turned Barr's the
Desert Peach comic into The Desert Peach Musical and now they are at it again. Trippin' The Light Fantastic tells the story of two couples (one straight and one gay) and their psychic friend. A magical crystal interferes wrecking havoc with body-switching hi-jinks so that, "Everyone gets a chance to explore what it means to be straight, gay, male, female, or psychic. And in the end, lives will have been changed forever." What does this all sound like? Listen to the musical. Like the making of a good comic?

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