Monday, March 9, 2009

Woot! Woot! for Penny Arcade along with the Washington State Senate

Slashdot points to a March 5 Senate Resolution (8640) in the Washington State Legislature recognizing the accomplishments of Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins, comic writer, and Mike Krahulik, cartoonist and artist. In honoring the creators of the online comic about video games, the Senate Resolution noted: Penny Arcade's 10 year anniversary (it started fall 1998); the 2004 establishment of the annual Penny Arcade Expo gaming festival in Bellevue, Wash. (coming up Sept. 4-6, 2009); and the founding of Child's Play Charity in 2003, to collect donations of toys, games, books, and cash for children's hospitals. With the generosity of 100,000 gamers, the charity has raised more than 4.5 million dollars for 60 different hospitals including Seattle Children's Hospital and Sacred Heart Children's Hospitals in Spokane.

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