Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three new books by local authors

Keeping us in the center of the known universe of science fiction and fantasy three local authors came out with books early in 2009. Sci-fi, fantasy dominate new offerings, ran the head over Michael Upchurch's new books listing in The Seattle Times.

Regenesis by C.J. Cherryh, writing out of Spokane, is the sequel to Cyteen, the 1989 Hugo Award winner. The former links are to information at Cherryh, author of more than 40 novels, keeps her own Web site here. It's rather out of date though. Find the most recent content at The Progress Report. Scroll all the way down!

Airs of Night and Sea, by Toby Bishop (who also writes as Louise Marley), out of Redmond, finishes a fantasy trilogy begun with Airs Beneath the Moon. These novel create The Horsemistress Universe, filled with
women flying on winged horses. Find some of character Larkyn Hamley's recipes online. Bishop sometimes brings Crooks to her book signings.

The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog, a novella by Kat Richardson, of Seattle, published in a collection, Mean Streets, continues the story of Seattle detective Harper Blaine's investigation of the supernatural. Greywalker (2006) is Richardson's first novel. Richardson's blog My Own Personal Grey includes links to some other writers and writing resources.

If you hear of any upcoming local readings for any of these books, let us know!

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