Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nicola Griffith reads from Ammonite online

An English novelist living in Seattle, Nicola Griffith reads from her Tiptree and Lambda award-winning novel Ammonite (1993) on her blog Ask Nicola. It's part of her Friday audio series, which sometimes includes songs(she used to front a band). She takes requests!

Ammonite tells the story of anthropologist Marghe Angelica Taishan sent by her employer, the Company, to the planet Jeep where a virus has killed all men and sickened most women.
She seeks to test a vaccine and discover how the native women reproduce without men. Marghe arrives as an observer reacting to the alien environment of Jeep, but by the end of her journey across the planet has "gone native" and plays a pivotal role in the population's destiny.

It's a lovely reading. Listening to authors read their own works, there's really nothing nicer.

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