Monday, January 26, 2009

End of January hot spots: Four reviews

Jan. 26, Eileen Gunn at Richard Hugo House — Gunn lived up to Michael Upchurch's "zany" declaration in this blurb in The Seattle Times prior to her reading and did in fact read the piece about Spock and Captain Kirk having a baby (written to fulfill a friend's 40th birthday request), but the second work Gunn read was about physical and emotional pain and loss, inspired by her late father's life. He lost his leg serving in World War II and experienced fading memories as he died. Up next in the Fantastic Fiction series, Molly Gloss 7 p.m., Mon., Feb. 23 at Hugo House, another author whose works show fantastic versatility.

Jan. 24, The Can Can Castaways show Aerobotron
— think aerobics, robots, and even Tron — this experimental dance show/underground cabaret managed to fit in the frenzied, the mechanized, and the strange. Reminiscent of Liquid Sky, the feel was far more modern and edgy than burlesque, but sexy? Oh, yes! The Castaways — head choreographer Rainbow, Jonny Boy, Faggedy Randy, and Fiona Minx — go all in showing artistry, energy, and expression. Plus, the venue at Pike Place has a great Steampunk-esque atmosphere with a view of the streets through the Seattle underground amethyst-tinted glass cubes.

Jan. 24-26, Nicola Griffith at
— Griffith's blog is smokin' on the science news with recent posts about research into a cure for racism, a new genetic theory of inheritance, and invisible RFID dust, ID-dust — and she also won an award. The Alice B. Reader's Appreciation Medal recognizes a writer's outstanding contribution to lesbian fiction. Don't read about it here. Go to AskNicola.

Jan. 23, Jonathan Coulton at The Moore
— Coulton, Paul and Storm, and Molly were awesome in Seattle. The audience was freakin' awesome too. Great companionable geekdom. These are the good to have around, might actually help each other out in the apocalypse, people never mentioned in Cormac McCarthy's The Road. It's good to know there are still songs we all know the words to and can — Arrrgh! Brains! — sing together round the campfire. Along with science and fictional favorites like "Nugget Man" (Paul and Storm), "Skullcrusher Mountain" and "It's Gonna Be the Future Soon," and some amazing covers of Destiny's Child and Britney Spears (Molly cleaned up on "Toxic") , there were some songs minions requested on Twitter. At least at the beginning of the show, Coulton said he loved us so much he'd be back soon. Next stop for the show was The Aladdin Theater in Portland. How was that?

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